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Within The Walls of Belmond Jimbaran

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Peace, idyllic and full of character. Belmond Jimbaran Puri is a classic experience that whisks you back in time, as if you are back in the 70s Bali vibe.

Located on Jimbaran’s beachfront, our drive gets us through a quaint and shaded alley fringed with several temples. The road ends at a small roundabout, signalling our arrival into the property. A small wooden bridge took us accross a small pond to arrive at the lobby.

After a smooth check in, we were escorted into our favorite beachfront room. The room has a small garden and an outdoor shower. To our right was the main entrance into the room; a generous space polished with cool marble floors, sumptuous teak woods and high-beamed ceilings.

The room’s beautiful restroom with its iconic sunken terrazzo bath is very pleasing to have, but our favorite has got to be the small door next to the study table, which leads to our private area overlooking the property’s green fields and the ocean. This is the Belmond Jimbaran’s defining atmosphere.

In the late afternoon, we took the short stroll to Nelayan, Belmond’s beachfront restaurant. Directly facing west with Jimbaran hill to your left and the airport to your right, this is a wonderful place to enjoy quaint sunset. Pre-pandemic, you still have this quaint feeling at Belmond, which made this place truly special. You would just have more airplanes flying in and out of Bali in the distant as your view :)

As the nightsky replaces the warm sunset colors, we settled for dinner. In the spirit of Jimbaran’s famous seafood, we opted for the salmon tartar, grilled snapper, and pasta with crab meat. That last meal is probably one of the best seafood pasta in Bali!

From the sumptuous hardwood accents of our luxury cottages to the gentle lap of waves on our golden beach, every details add to the iconic experience that Belmond provides. It’s certainly not to be missed; located very close to the airport made this a perfect last episode to any Bali trip.


Chris and Michelle

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