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Christian Leonardo

A globe trotter with 5 continents and 40 countries on his tally. Going to places few Indonesians have ever visited: from the island of El Nido, the game reserve of Botswana, and the desert of Atacama. Chris discovers that while so many people express great interest in Indonesia, so few knows what the country really has to offer. It was now his time to discover and explore his country so that others can witness the remarkably plural nation of Indonesia.

Jacopo Messina

Traveling relies on a natural mind-set that drives humans toward their cultural diversity and personal discovery. Following this motto, Jacopo became an eager traveler and an anxious discoverer. At 6 months old, his first trip to London laid the ground to set his perspective to explore cultures and unique environments in more than 30 different countries across Europe, America and Asia. His wanderlust culminated through his experience living for years in four different countries and three different continents: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Canada and Indonesia.

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Tiffany Destiny

Born and raised in a small and remote village of Serawai, deep within the jungles of Borneo, Tiffany never expected the world to be so wide and diverse. Her adventure starts when she moved to the capital and learning about the diverse culture and beauty of Indonesia. She found passion in discovering more places, meeting new people, and also tasting more culinary treats; to go beyond books, stories, and screens. For Tiffany, traveling is about appreciating another perspective of this vibrant world, and she wish that travelers all over the world can also see the vibrant wonders of Indonesia.

Michelle Budianto

An avid traveler with passion on beach and marine life, Michelle has travelled hundreds of beaches across Asia in search of her passion; from the remote Koh Tarutao in Thailand to the limestone of Coron in The Phillipines. Years of travelling made her believe that she does not have to go so far to find the perfect retreat. With KOSTUBA, her goal is to continue travelling to more places and to inspire travelers from all over the world to experience the beauty of Indonesia. And of course, like she always wanted during her travels, to take good and personal care for every detail so that every traveler can enjoy a perfect trip.


Normen Härtel

Coming from a small village in Germany, his passion for countries developed early on in school. Since day one he saw that his biggest interest is in the diversity of countries and their culture. With that, he started to explore places and find out even the smallest things about a village and about the locals. Even though the number of countries that he has visited is not that high, but he always explored those places with passion and in detail. Including multiple countries in Europe like, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, and the beauty of Indonesia. He fell especially for Bali. The rich and diverse culture, the Ancient-Temples, the beautiful lakes, and the astonishing landscapes always gives him the feeling, that he cannot wait to come back to Bali again.

Omar Jati

Born and raised in Lombok, Omar has worked in service industries for more than a decade. His first nine years were spent as bartender, where he had the opportunity to meet many travelers from various countries. The conversations he had inspire him to indulge more in travel industry; to make holidays for people and, indirectly, for himself. Omar has been guiding trips in Lombok for more than 5 years now and decided to join KOSTUBA with the vision of delivering the best standard of service in Lombok, and eventually, in all over Indonesia.

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Komang Arda

A Bali native born and raised, Komang pursued a prominent career in hotel hospitality. This career path enables him to learn more about tourism, which turns out to be his heart’s desire. He started out as an independent guide, eager with his mission to introduce his motherland, Bali, to the world. Then, KOSTUBA scouted him as one of our trusted guides, with his inside out knowledge about Bali.

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