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Nusa Penida with Burjuman

On board this fine yacht, sail for 40 minutes to Nusa Penida. Visit Bali's largest cave temple and the Thousand Island viewing platform. Return to the yacht for snorkeling / kayaking, then enjoy cruising along the coastline to view the iconic Broken Beach and Kelingking Beach at sunset. Canapes will be served by your private onboard chef.


Our Lombok MOMENTS 


Three Gilis Catamaran Sailing

Visit the three gilis in style on board a luxurious catamaran. Snorkel as you wish at various spots on all three islands, or dock and explore the island on foot, bicycle, or horse cart. As you sail back to mainland Lombok during sunset, you will be served with canapes and cocktails by your private butler.




Borobudur Sunset and Dinner

Visit the majestic Borobudur Temple at sunset. This special pass will allow you to wander inside the temple complex beyond opening hours for more intimacy. After enjoying the guided tour, you will be escorted to a dinner venue within the temple complex. The Borobudur Temple lights will be switched on specially for you to company your dinner.


Our Flores MOMENTS 


Tailor-Made Liveaboard Journeys

We work with a select range of liveaboards who all offer the most personalized service for your guests. Create a bespoke liveaboard journey throughout Flores; whether it’s an action-packed trip or diving specialist trip or sightseeing and romantic voyages.


Our Celebes MOMENTS 


Tour The Petroglyphs with Archaeologist

Experience a tour of Leang Leang Caves guided directly by Drs. Iwan Sumantri, the resident archaeologist who first examined the cave in 1970s. Determined to be between 35-40 thousand years old, marvel at this amazing ancient treasure and the stories behind the initial excavation as well as the findings and their meaning to the history of Celebes.


Our Borneo MOMENTS 

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Tailor-Made Klotok Boat Trip

With several boats to choose from, let us tailor your klotok boat journey through the forests of Borneo. Highlights include orangutan feeding stations, birdwatching, and Dayak tribal village visit (for Central Borneo trips).

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