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Majestic Sunrise In Sikunir Hill

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We went to bed early that day, knowing that our driver would be picking us up early in the morning. It’s still dark outside and the driver was already waiting for us in the lobby.

My bag was packed and I was ready to go — as I was bundled up in my jacket, knit cap, scarf and gloves. We got to the car and left our hotel “MesaStila” to catch one of the most spectacular sunrises.

After an approximate 3 hours journey, we arrived at the car park which is located at the bottom of Sikunir hill around 4:30 AM, where our local guide was waiting for us.

It was still pitch black when we started our trek. We use the light from our head lamp that has been provided by our guide, and that was our only light source for a while.

From the car park, 45 minutes of hiking is required to reach the top of Sikunir hill.

By 5:15 AM, I made it to the summit and waited for the sun to rise.

I was completely in awe while standing at the top of Sikunir Hill from 2263 meters, as I watch the sun dramatically emerges from the horizon, casting its golden rays that pierce through the endless sea of clouds, with Mount Sindoro as a glorious backdrop — that’s a sunrise I’ll never forget.

It. Was. Spectacular. you have to see for yourself to believe!

Sikunir Hill does not only offer a majestic golden sunrise. Expect total tranquility here to watch the vast sea of clouds with towering mountain peaks, picturesque view of Lake Cebong, surrounding villages and lush green terraced fields that will leave you in awe.

After witnessing the golden sunrise, we started descending down the hill and took a quick breakfast of small potatoes and fried tempe before continuing our journey to discover the oldest Hindu Temples in Indonesia — But that’s another story for another time 😉


Tiffany Destiny

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