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Creating Wow Luxury Travel Experience

Discover the key reasons that sets us apart from any other travel operators in Indonesia



Exclusive Access | Creative Excursions | 

Unique Dining Experience

We handcraft unique and exclusive experiences in every destinations where we operate. This means that beyond most requested itineraries, you will be able to offer your clients with innovative products very few or no other are capable of.

Our other business line in private dining and decoration complements our extensive local connections to create remarkable encounters.



Guides and Drivers | Field Concierge | 24/7

In every destinations we operate, we have pre-selected and trained our pool of dedicated drivers and guides, all of whom are accustomed to luxury travel standards. No matter where the clients go, guests can expect the same superior service quality.

All our guides are English speaking.

Other language are available on request.



The Master of Destination

We take destination opening and canvassing to another level. Our field trips involve months of exploration to both famous and unmapped areas. We update this every quarter as our Field Supervisors would be taking the entire guides and driver crews on update missions.


We also personally stay in all top rated properties in our destinations as a full paying guest to earn the raw review and experience that our guests will go through.

All these provide us with unparalleled knowledge of our destinations.



Your Passionate and Solution-Driven Partner

All our travel planners are luxury travel enthusiasts who are very experienced in handling even the most discerning clients or complex itineraries.

We work with a maximum of 2 days proposal turnaround time. This is possible as every travel planner will work based on your preferred time zone; meanwhile our Operations and reservations team remain working on local time zone to be effective.

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Boutique | Luxury Chains | Competitive Privilege

KOSTUBA works with the best names in the industry as well as the best boutique properties, pre-vetted with our own raw staying experience and secured with our good relationship to their management.

We provide competitive rates as well as exclusive perks and benefits for our guests.



No bulk pricing ever. We understand sometimes clients want to know specific item's price. We also know that some clients would check online to compare.

Our proposals are always broken down by component so you'll know the price of every accommodations, every domestic flights, land arrangements, and every add ons. We also supply your rate while adding information on the published rate available online.

This means time savings for you to handle requests or subsequent changes.

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