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Plataran Bromo - The High Life

East Java, which is known for some of the most beautiful highlands scenery in Indonesia has always had very few options for luxury accommodations. It is no surprise that the opening of Plataran Resort in Bromo was one of the most anticipated news.

I’ve stayed here before during the first year of their opening and was very pleased with the whole experience. But I‘m curious to see how things have evolved after a while.

Good news: it got better!

After driving through the winding uphill road, I arrived at its majestic lobby. Impeccable modern structure with clear glasses blends beautifully with its warm yellow lights.

Check in was smooth, with me just sipping on my warm welcome tea while the staffs took care of all my stuffs.

From the lobby, an elevator brought us to the top floor, which connected to a hill housing several different buildings. This is the signature experience of Plataran Bromo, several independent mountain lodge structures, each having its own common living room and private living quarters. It’s perfect for family or for individuals who appreciate meeting fellow travelers in cozy setting.

We settled into our room, compact yet smartly designed space with the best amenities you can find in this area.

There’s generally few activities in Bromo areas that’s making it hard to justify staying beyond 1 night to see sunrise the next day. That changes with Plataran Bromo.

Their restaurant is top class; not just for the great Indonesian food, but also for their signature steamboat soup, a joyful encounter given the cold mountain weather. Their private hill is home to beautiful plantations as well as a nice sunset spot. Their Padma Spa is the best you can find, and the amazing view from the spa deck is just awesome.

Overall, this is a stay experience you don’t want to miss when in Bromo.


Tiffany Destiny

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